Mirror, Mirror, Not on the Wall…

Someday I won’t be able to get ready without a mirror, today is NOT that day!

We are still in the process of remodeling our new home and completing the finishing touches on the master bath is low on our list of priorities.  After nearly 4 months of walking past the unpacked boxes I realized that I haven’t missed anything in the boxes and could get rid of most of it.  I love simplicity, but usually have a hard time achieving it- so that sure felt good!  The best part of the bathroom being on hold however has been not having a mirror for 4 months.  At 49 I often question what reality the mirror on the wall is reflecting, the mirror in my mind however faithfully reflects the way that I still feel and the complexion of my youth.  It has been fantastically freeing!  “Don’t take mirrors seiously, your true reflection is in your heart” author unknown.  At some point we will mount our mirror because I know there will be times that I’ll need it, but I still won’t be taking it too seriously…  😉

Today was freeing!




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