Bulls Eye!

Someday(soon) I won’t be able to beat my son in darts, today is NOT that day!

I’ll admit it, I like to win.  There is little that I can beat my adult boys at anymore though, so when the moment arises I take full advantage of basking in the glory.  Whether it be anything from a game of chutes and ladders to basketball, I’ve always made my kids earn their wins.  Not just because I like to win :P, but because I wanted them to experience the feeling of working hard to earn their successes instead of feeling entitled.  They say that “earning success gives it value”.  I also wanted them to know that the greatest victories don’t always come from achieving the “W”, but rather in living mindfully during the journey.  We play hard and laugh hard.  If they’re the best they win and if they’re not they lose; either way they’ve had the time of their lives and chances are they’ll play harder next time and beat me.  The older my 4 kids get the more I realize that my days of beating them are limited, but having them grow up better and stronger than me is the greatest win I will ever know.

Today was a Bulls Eye!



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