Adventure Trumps Mud!

Someday I won’t get to spend New Year’s Day adventuring with this awesome crew, today is NOT the day!

I’ve heard it said that adventure starts where plans end and that was certainly the case for us today.  Our plan was to take the girls for a hike on one of our favorite trails; the adventure however began when the girls ditched our plan and took us off the trail and into the shoe eating mud and muck!  We found an enchanting gazebo and a super cool pole spring apparatus.  We got what felt like frost bitten fingers and snailed on(snow and hail combo).  Some of us crossed a log bridge and some fell off the bridge and into the water.  We slid down embankments and got cut by thorn bushes.  Basically we had all the makings of a grand adventure and giggles galore!  After a late night of ringing in the new year I could’ve done without the muddy bevy of boots and dirty dog, but taking adventures while I’m still able trumps worrying about mud every single day.

Today was an awesome adventure!





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