Chores: Everyone’s worst nightmare!

Someday I won’t get to argue with my kids over chores, today is NOT that day!

I bleach the table, throw some flour and dough on it and the kids have a ball!  We’ve loved and shared our cookie day tradition with many friends over the past 21 years and thankfully it never gets old for the kids.  I was feeling defeated after a rough morning of arguing over chores with the kids.  I even considered cancelling cookie day, that is until I remembered that it is our traditions that always help bring us back to our happy family place.  Emotions run high in our family; we live big, fight big, laugh big and love the biggest.  As much as I dislike arguing over chores with them, I love the fact we’re all still living under the same roof even more.  “A clean house is the sign of a wasted life”, this unknown author definitely has our number!  Today I’m grateful that traditions trump chores and that I have my kids to share them with!

Today was delicious!

We missed Brady and his friends this year so had to add a pic from last year too 🙂



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