Turkey Bowl!

Someday I won’t be able to play in a turkey bowl, today is NOT that day!

As a photographer I often feel torn between whether I should capture a moment so that I can hold onto it forever or fully live in the moment so that I can completely enjoy it.  I’ve always done half and half with the turkey bowls in years past, but decided to leave my camera in my bag until the end this year.  I love our annual turkey bowl and I’m aware that someday I will no longer be able to participate in it.  So this year instead of taking time out to capture the moment I decided to follow these wise words by an unknown author; “Live in the moment and make it so beautiful that it’ll be worth remembering”.  While the memories of the pouring rain and mud (not to mention my complete lack of grace) may not be “beautiful”; laughing with good friends, watching my kids play hard and have fun and the exhilaration of running around outside in the elements definitely made the moment worth remembering!

Today was worth remembering!




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