Adventure Race!

Someday I won’t be able to win an adventure race, today is NOT that day!

They say it’s just for fun, but we all know it’s really only fun if you win…bwahaha!  I’m always pumped for these things when I sign up for them a month ahead of time and then left wondering why I keep signing up for them on the butt cold morning of.  The answer quickly slaps me in the face the second we get started though; it’s just plain good old fashioned fun!  Enjoying the great outdoors and getting my sweat on with people I adore while doing silly crazy things to support a good cause is pure bliss for me.  “In the end we only regret the adventures we did not take” Author Unknown.  Regrets suck, so as long as I’m able I’m gonna opt in on the adventure as often as I can!

Today was an adventure!




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