Blowing My Mind!

Someday I won’t be able to accomplish my crazy goals, today is NOT that day!

While on a walk I noticed a gorgeous tree that had fallen victim to some local beavers. A beautiful copper colored trunk made it a perfect candidate for an interior décor project and I had to have it. However at 30 plus feet long and in the dark of night getting it home wasn’t going to be easy, so I recruited my boys to help.  My oldest accused me of some hilarious things that he felt would put me in the mind state of thinking this was realistic.  My other boy however loves any adventure that involves axes and knives so he was totally into it.  A couple sweat hours later and we had that baby strapped to the top of my van and were on our way home.  I absolutely love the feeling I get when I accomplish something that feels bigger than me.  “Once in a while blow your own damn mind” author unknown.  Today I am immensely grateful that I have the desire to take on things that seem bigger than me and an able body and two awesome boys to make it possible to blow my own mind!

Today was awesome!



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