Why not!

Someday I won’t be able to swim in ice cold water, today is NOT that day!

I love water and if I’m near it, there’s no doubt that I’ll be getting wet.  I have no problem bearing the cold of the ocean water for the thrill and joy that I experience while playing in the waves.  After dipping my feet in this gorgeous water hole though, I couldn’t think of a reason to submerge any more of my body parts.  The temperature of the water rivaled that of the ocean, but didn’t offer the reward of wave riding.  The kids were busy daring each other, so it made no difference to them if I went in or not and we still had to hike back out without the rays of the sun to warm us back up.  There was no motivating answer to the question of why would I do this… but then I asked myself why not?  “Why not- is a slogan for an interesting life.” Mason Cooley.  Perspective changes everything.  Funny that it took asking why not to find the why; because I could, because it’d be exhilarating and because I didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity to feel ALIVE!

Today was exhilarating!




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