Free to be Me!

Someday I won’t be able to swim in my underwear, today is NOT that day!

A bike ride was all that was on my exercise to do list for today.  However, the water looked so refreshing when I arrived at Frenchmans that I couldn’t resist going for a swim as well.  I was afraid that my bike shorts might chafe me if they got too wet, so I took them off.  A thought crossed my mind as I was joyfully running into the water….  as I age and become less capable I may someday loose the freedom of going on adventures by myself and be restricted by other people’s rules(like no public swimming in my underwear) for me.  Freedom is being you without anyone’s permission” Author Unknown.  These thoughts encouraged me to be especially mindful of enjoying my time swimming and splashing in the water and this stage of my life in general.  I love being free to be me!  Instead of feeling discouraged about all the changes that time has brought to my body and abilities, I need to be grateful for and celebrating where I’m at now.

Today was freeing!



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