Our Bus Driver Rocks!

Someday I won’t have a school bus driver in my life to be grateful for, today is NOT that day!

Every afternoon our wonderful bus driver has stopped at our corner with a huge smile and wave for me and a warm and joyful goodbye for my girls.  I can’t tell you how many times this year I’ve heard the girls say, “She is the BEST bus driver we’ve ever had!”.  ‘For me small gestures mean a lot precisely because they are small.  They do not shout, “Look at me” -they simply offer love, quietly’ Author Unknown.  A wave and a smile are small gestures, but they have brightened our days in a big way.  Many people don’t take advantage of opportunities, be they big or small, to spread love and happiness to others; we wanted our bus driver to know that we appreciate that she does!

Today was full of small gestures!



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