Someday I won’t be able to play tennis, today is NOT that day!

Even though we only play a few times a year and we really suck, tennis is always a solid choice for an enjoyable time.  This journey not only inspires me to do things I wouldn’t have otherwise done, it also encourages me to appreciate things(like playing tennis) that I formerly took for granted.  To grab a racquet and run around the court on a beautiful day is a joy and a blessing; and to get a rally in the double digits is an absolute thrill in our family haha.  Rohan Rathore believes that “Appreciating small things is a great achievement” and I would have to agree.  The truth is that there are a great number of things that I take for granted each and every day, I notice a beautiful and positive change in my heart and attitude though when I take the time to mindfully acknowledge and appreciate all that life has to offer.

Today was a great achievement!


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