Time Precious Time!

Someday I won’t be able to hang out in my daughter’s room with her, today is NOT that day!

More and more lately I’ve been finding myself in my daughter’s room.  I was still working at 8:30 tonight when I caught myself thinking about how all too soon her room will no longer be in my home.  I immediately put my work away and went to hang out with my girl.  The work needs to get done and it will, but it was just going to have to wait because there is nothing more precious to me than spending time with my kids.  She had just cleaned her room and gave me a tour of literally every nook and cranny; from the boxes on the top shelf of her closet to the treasures stored inside every small container.  I saw touching remnants of her younger years and a beautiful glimpse into the young lady that she is becoming.  It was nearing bedtime as the tour ended so she begged me to stay and then entertained me with her crazy antics.  “You can’t stop your children from growing up, but you can be present so you don’t miss your children growing up.” Author Unknown.

Today was not to be missed!



One thought on “Time Precious Time!

  1. Thea Hosford Love your post because that was exactly what I was doing with my kids tonight (of course before I was kicked out lol!). Thank you Kristie for your reminders and for breathing in the moments that we are lucky to have!
    Marilou Hallquist Kristie- thank you for the reminder💜. Now that our kids are away at school, I walk into their rooms all the time reminiscing about the past😢. Can’t wait to have them home again😍 Time is Precious.
    Jae Weber your posts have been so meaningful and inspirational to me especially in this year…thank you Kristie for help keeping us all in the moment
    Michelle Phillips Words of wisdom!!! Stuff, work, chores, that will all be there later, that moment in time with are children is fleeting and precious! We need to cherish every moment! Thank you for the reminder❤️


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