Someday I won’t be able to go strawberry picking, today is NOT that day!

I have such fond memories of my Grama and Uncle Dougie taking us strawberry picking when I was a little girl that I’ve made it a priority to take my kids every year.  I was so happy last night when I heard that my favorite field was open that I didn’t want to wait for the weekend and went solo today. I missed my kids, but any time spent outside for me is always time well spent and there’s just nothing like the heavenly deliciousness of a freshly picked bright red berry!  I have orthostatic hypotension and each year that I go strawberry picking the blackouts and nausea upon standing seem to get worse, so I made a point of mindfully and completely taking in and enjoying the experience today.  They say it’s important to enjoy the simple things in life.  I agree.  Today was simply delicious!



One thought on “Strawberrylicious!

  1. Danni Morse Hall Uncle Dougie would get such a kick out how much those trips meant to us.
    Diane Granville Morse I remember him taking your Mom and I when we were small! Oh they tasted so good.
    Kiersten Palmersheim Let’s go next week please!
    Katie Stone Green Kristie, what field did you go to?
    Bryna Mark Osborne Yum! I want to go!
    Karen Hipolito Castro Do they have blueberries or raspberries ?


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