My Specialty!

Someday I won’t be able to be my kids’ biggest fan, today is NOT that day!

I was heartbroken when I had to miss my girls’ first two track meets this year.  Now that my kids are older I’m pretty sure my presence at their sports events means more to me then it does to them.  So I was elated when Annie demanded that I take post at the final turn of her 400 race today.  I was standing at the start/fonish line just about to wish her luck when she yelled in a loud firm voice, “MOM!  CORNER!” as she pointed to the final turn.  She wanted me there to cheer her on and push her for her final kick!  Are you kidding me?!  That’s my specialty, it’s what I live for!!  I took off running and anxiously awaited for her to round that corner then bursting with excitement, pride and love I cheered and yelled with everything I had!  As a general rule my kids are not allowed to give me direct orders, this was more than cause for an exception though.  “Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them.” Lady Bird Johnson.  I keep things real with my kids and am the first to point out and make fun of their faults and weaknesses.  I am also their biggest fan and the first to point out and praise them for the their talents and strengths.  I believe they can accomplish anything that they set their minds to and my most important job in life is to provide support and encouragement for them.

Today was my specialty!




One thought on “My Specialty!

  1. Marcy Gullickson Sprecher Today is NOT that day….I love it.
    Kelli Habets Burgad Brought happy excited teary goosebumps…. love she knew exactly where she needed you! You go girl!!
    Katie Stone Green I can so relate to this one. When Karen ran, I was her biggest (and loudest) fan. I so enjoy your stories. Way to go, Mom!
    Meghan Rose-Jolma ❤️ this saw Tom today missed you!!!
    Kiersten Palmersheim Love that girl…..and her mama!
    Maria Fogg Brought tears to my eyes. Yay Annie! Yay Kristie!


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