Long Jump!

Someday I won’t be able to do the running long jump, today is NOT that day!

I’ve always had a mental block with this jump.  I think it’s the scratch line that freaks me out, but it could very well be the fear of sucking that messes with my mind too.  Whatever the reason, I decided it was high time that I face this issue head on.  There were quite a few people circling the track around me on this beautiful evening.  Old thoughts die hard and I felt self conscious at first; I pushed past that ridiculousness pretty quick and moved on to the bigger issue of my inhibitions.  I started with a couple extremely weak attempts and then began taking myself seriously~ after all someday I will no longer be able to do this!  Even though I was scratching by 2-3 feet, it felt fantastic to finally let go.  Not one to give up, I stayed until I reached my modest goal of 12 feet without scratching.  Carde Hayward is on point with this quote, “Never underestimate the giddy feeling of empowerment from reaching a goal, even a little one.”  I was so energized from this accomplishment that I ran home with what felt like twice the speed that I had running there.

Today was energizing!



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