The Results are Worth the Effort!

Someday I won’t be able to make my kids work hard, today is NOT that day!

My boys have informed me on several occasions that I’m not doing as good of a job raising their sisters as far as table manners and the like as I did with them. ūüėú When it comes to¬†issues such as being¬†considerate, respectful and¬†good people who put their all into everything they do my parenting beliefs and practices do not waiver.¬† I have noticed however that I have become lazy in some areas with the girls, I tend to do things myself instead of putting in the extra time and effort required to have them do whatever it may be for themselves.¬†¬†I was really tired and buried in work today so considered blowing off another opportunity to teach my girls¬†some important lessons.¬†¬†Instead though I put my priorities in proper order and took them to earn money to help pay for their summer camps.¬† They did a great job, but¬†they needed to be prodded to stay busy which is¬†a definite contrast from their brothers and evidence that¬† I need to pick it up in this area with them.¬† “Do not handicap your children by making their lives easy.” Robert Heinlein.¬† As a mom my first instinct is to want to do everything for my kids and to make their lives perfect, but that¬†won’t¬†help them become¬†strong successful individuals.¬† I will do everything that I can for my kids, including taking the hard route now so that they are not stuck on a hard route later.

Today was a lot of work!




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