Senior Night!

Someday I won’t be able to watch my boy play high school soccer, today is NOT that day!

Although as division champs they still have at least 3 more games ahead of them, tonight Riley’s high school acknowledged the seniors that are soon moving on for all that they have given and done for the team.  Thankfully I’m so wiped right now that instead of getting emotional and crying I laughed my way through most of it. 😛  I used to often wish that time would stand still and that my kids would forever remain my babies.  As much as I have loved their younger years and being their whole world though, I equally love discovering all the awesome that is revealed a little bit more in them with each passing day.  I agree with Greg Lake who said, “There is no standing still because time is moving forward.”  When in the midst of a beautiful moment my tendency is to want to hold on tight and not let go.  No matter how hard I may try though, I cannot stop time and I believe that my efforts are better spent on enjoying that moment to the fullest than on trying to hold on.  Soon I will enjoy every single second of watching my son play in his last high school soccer game and then I will move forward with him and enjoy whatever may come next.

Today was sentimental!



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