My Reason for Living!

Someday I won’t be able to take care of my kids, today is NOT that day!

A crazy schedule of a late night soccer game followed by a 3:15 wake up call to drive to Seattle to meet my son for his surgery only to return back home at noon tomorrow to make it back in time for my other son’s senior soccer night honestly feels a little overwhelming, but a lot like heaven to me.  Nothing matters more to me than taking care of my kids.  My independent adult son felt he could go this surgery solo, but knew I’d be right by his side and lovingly let me be.  Right after they wheeled him back into the OR I looked in his pre-op folder and found a mothers day card that he had made for me.  Someday I won’t be able to take care of my kids, as for today though the best of what I am and have is theirs.

Today was my greatest honor!


One thought on “My Reason for Living!

  1. Brenda Baird Bassett Kristie, please send Brady our heal well wishes!!
    Nicole Provost Dewitz Soooo sweet!
    Danni Morse Hall Oh Brades. Shoulder surgery SUCKS!!!! But your tough and young. You’ll bounce back. Tough tough 24 hours mom. Hang young cuz.
    Danni Morse Hall Bwahhahaha I meant *hang in there cuz. But what the hell hang young!!!
    Carmen Cooper Barnes Heal quickly Brady Benson!!! You are a sweet loving son❤️
    Shannon Lee Wow poor guy – your a great momma !
    Mindy Paul Reuter Brady hope you bounce back fast!! Kris-tired I’m sure and blessed with some pretty great kids:)
    Carrie Christensen Schaller Ok…now I officially feel like a loser for bugging you today about 2016 grad stuff. 😬
    Howard Langford You guys are waaaay cool. So glad it went well for you both. Love you.
    Lynn Farrens Reynolds Get well soon Brady Benson👍🏻
    Kristina Pinkston You’re amazing my friend! Wishes for a quick recovery for Brady!!
    Rob Ziebell What were the findings of the surgery? How is he doing?
    Madison Reynolds Awww that’s so sweet of him, I knew he had it in him ❤️
    Madison Reynolds Hope you have a quick recovery, miss you Brady Benson
    Greg Horner Speedy recovery to Brady, Happy Mother’s Day!
    Kerri Overcast Stockman Get better Brady!!!
    Gina Domeniconi-Gasser Wishing him a speedy and full recovery!


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