A Hot Mess!

Someday I won’t be able to live and learn, today is NOT that day!

True to who I am, I’ve taken living with gratitude and a free spirit to the extreme and for the first time ever(that I can remember anyway :P) I completely forgot about two work related appointments this week.  I don’t mean I remembered at the last second and scrambled to arrive a few minutes late type forgetting, I mean I had absolutely no clue I had anything scheduled until one set of clients were at my doorstep and when the golf coach called to see if I was okay because I hadn’t arrived at the shoot yet.  Thankfully they are both wonderfully kind people who instantly forgave my complete lack of professionalism.  The good news is that because of this journey I was also able to forgive myself and not view it as the end of the world like I would have in the past.  Clearly though I have found yet another issue to (immediately) make improvements upon in my life.  Regina Leeds says that Zen organizing is about creating systems that will provide a place for everything in your life.  Guess I’m about to get my Zen on!  Now that I have made a place in my life for mindfully and actively living with heart and appreciation, I need to re-establish a place for being responsible.  Honestly it’s easier for me to be one way OR the other, but pushing myself to make room for both in my life will be so much more rewarding and well worth the effort it takes to establish this new way of living.

Today was messy! 😛




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