May Day!

Someday I won’t be able to count on my baby girl bringing me flowers on May day, today is NOT that day!

My middle two never caught on to the May day tradition of bringing mom flowers, so I was thrilled when my fourth picked up where my first had left off.  This year however I was afraid she had outgrown this tradition and that my turn was over when the day was coming to an end and I had yet to receive any flowers.  A friend had recently told me about a beautiful meadow of purple flowers near their house, so I took my girls there for a fun evening shoot.  Just as I was packing away my equipment I looked up and saw my sweet baby girl gathering a bouquet of flowers and I knew the tradition was still alive!  “How do you spell love?”- Piglet  “You don’t spell it, you FEEL it.”- Pooh.  Cleary Josie has more in common with this bear than just her nickname (Poo Bear); she doesn’t spell or just say the word love, she feels it so deeply that it flows out of her like a beautiful ray of light that warms my heart daily.  Her love is a blessing that forces me to be mindful of  what does and what does not matter in the big picture of life.

Today was beautiful!



One thought on “May Day!

  1. Sean Brown One of my reps told me about this field a couple weeks ago and it looked gorgeous even on snapchat! Beautiful images!!
    Thea Hosford Love that sweet girl!
    Larry Zettle Beautiful young lady. Beautiful family.
    Judy Stephens Souther beautiful photograph and daughter
    Mary Ramsey Miller Love, Love Love!!!!


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