Back-bend Bummer!

Someday I won’t be able to do a body lift, today is NOT that day!

When my girlfriend texted me to say she was shocked to discover she was only able to do a back-bend for a millisecond I thought I’d better quickly give it a go myself before it was too late.  As it turned out however, it already was too late for me.  The arthritis in my wrist coupled with flexibility and weakened muscle issues no doubt are to blame.  I was really bummed that I missed out on being mindful of appreciating my last time ever doing a back-bend.  My girls put their all into helping me, but it just wasn’t gonna happen  They like to keep things on “the bright side” so they encouraged me to rejoice in the fact that I can still do a body lift.  I’ve decided to make a point of performing and even flaunting this easy feat often just because I can.  Just Do It.  These simple yet powerful words not only encouraged my girlfriend to attempt a backbend today, but they have and will continue to encouraged people all over to do amazing things, ordinary things, anything, something.  Whatever it is that make you happy and brings you joy, JUST DO IT!

Today was uplifting!



One thought on “Back-bend Bummer!

  1. Danni Morse Hall Excellent toe pointing.
    Barbara Melroy Looks good to me
    Stephanie Gawley Kristie Benson After a family vote of 2-1, Alec and Chris informed me that there was actually no millisecond involved. (Although neither of them could do it either.) I refuse to believe this is a lost art, WE WILL BE BACK, we can rise again! Let”s Do This!


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