Starting to Stick!

Someday I won’t be able to put my tools to good use, today is NOT that day!

I have a toolbox full of treasured and constantly used craftsman tools.  I have another toolbox full of valued, but only somewhat used coping tools.  Through this journey though things are finally starting to stick and it’s becoming habit for me to consistently use all of my tools.  My emotions tend to come in size XXL only so after experiencing something upsetting this evening my heart hurt and  tears fell, but then something fantastic happened… I went to my dirt hill, dug into my toolbox and I got over it!  Frank Sonnenberg explains that, “Lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned.”  Would’ve preferred if Frank would’ve told me that a couple decades ago haha, however I’m grateful for all the hard and repeated lessons of the past for they’ve opened my heart to receive the many blessings of today.

Today was sticky!




One thought on “Starting to Stick!

  1. Sara Stock Steinke I thought you looked sad and hurting last night. Wasn’t sure what to say. Glad you’ve worked through it.
    Dawn Tietsort Anthony Thank you for you posts Kristie. Your words touch and inspire. May your Saturday be exceptional!
    Kevin Loucks Thanks for sharing .


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