A Capella!

Someday I won’t be able to go to a Pentatonix concert with my girls, today is NOT that day!

Tonight I broke a few of my old rules, such as staying up to nearly midnight on a school night and splurging on what I used to deem frivolous, to make memories with my kids during another unforgettable concert.  Each concert that we’ve attended is amazing in it’s own unique way; one for the sheer musical genius of each and every band member, another just because we were in the presence of a legend, one for the phenomenal stage tricks and another for how each and every song they played was one of our all time favorites… the list goes on and on.  Tonight we were wowed by the beauty that is a capella; the flawless harmonies and the fact that it sounds like there’s a full band without any instruments present is simply mind blowing.  Learning to break my own rules once in a while is one of my favorite lessons yet; these moments with my kids are priceless in so many ways!  “Some things really are once in a lifetime.  Cherish moments.” Author Unknown.  Indeed!

Today was on beat!




4 thoughts on “A Capella!

  1. Danni Morse Hall You need to go to a music festival! Feel the grass on your feet while you dance with so many others enjoying the moment. Look for blue grass festivals this summer. You’ll love it. A show doesn’t compare to a concert.
    Melissa Dennis-Kimmel We love that group! Their Christmas album was amazing!!
    Cindy Hayes I bet it was fabulous.
    Lynn Farrens Reynolds Would have loved to have seen them!


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