Someday I won’t get to play my first official round of BINGO, today is NOT that day!

BINGO is something that I’ve always wanted to try, so when my friends mentioned it a couple weeks ago I was thrilled at the chance to give it a go.  The parlor was full of it’s regular attendees and we got the feeling that perhaps we weren’t blending in when one of the employees yelled above the crowd for her co-worker to “keep an eye on the newbies” while pointing at us. 😛  Not one of the 8 of us got to yell out BINGO (we yelled loud enough when we won $1 with a pull tab that they thought we had BINGO, but that doesn’t really count).  I have to say though that this was probably the most fun I have ever had losing!  “My friends and I are crazy.  That’s the only way we can stay sane” Billy Joel.  I’m grateful that this group of amazing ladies shared a night of going crazy with me, I think every mom needs that once in a while.  There were quite a few years that I had decided all my time and efforts needed to be put into my family and my turn would come when my kids were grown.  What a blessing it’s been to realize that taking time for myself actually allows me to give more to my family and it’s also brought so many wonderful people into my life.

Today was epic!



One thought on “BINGO!

  1. KariLee Anderson Wallingford · 22 mutual friends
    Awesome! I want to play B-I-N-G-O with all you lovely ladies next time! I’ll even bring my dobbers!
    Danni Morse Hall I’m so glad this experience has led you to reach out and lean in your friends. It’s such a blessing.
    Amy Shaw Surface Fun!!!
    Anne Pavlick GreerAwesome! Now you know what the old farts have kept secret


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