Driving Myself Crazy!

Someday I won’t be able to drive, today is NOT that day!

I lock my keys in my car typically every other month or so and of course it is always when I’m in a desperate rush to accomplish some important task.  I was bumming pretty hard when it happened today.  A couple hours later I was thinking about how tired I am not only of locking myself out of my car, but of driving in general.  I love driving when I can go exceptionally fast, but have grown weary of the constant around town errands and taxi service driving.  That pity party was cut real short when I remembered how upset my Gramps was when he was no longer able to drive himself and how broken hearted I was for him.  There are a multitude of reason that I should be overflowing with gratitude that I am able to drive (and that I have a reliable vehicle).  “Always show appreciation.  What’s taken for granted will eventually be taken away.  Then you end up missing most what you least appreciated.” Author Unknown.

Today was a good lesson!



One thought on “Driving Myself Crazy!

  1. Danni Morse Hall Unmmm….never thought I’d say this but we almost have the same glasses.
    Amy Shaw Surface Perhaps the universe was reminding you also to slow down! 😘
    Maria Fogg Kristie… Somehow we must be related.
    Diane Granville Morse So true about grampa!
    Julie Lewis If it makes you feel better I lock my keys in my car frequently! Love you! Get a hide a key.


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