My Sidekick and I!

Someday I won’t be able to explore the city with my sidekick, today is NOT that day!

All of my kids have had their turn being my sidekick, but the position finally stuck with my number 4.  Our city has so much to offer that we’ve yet to experience, so today my sidekick and I set out to explore some of these great local attractions.  We discovered a bakery that serves delectable dingdongs, an intriguing courtyard, a gallery full of gorgeous art and a coffee shop that had mediocre drinks, but fantastic customer service.  We held hands during a delightful walk along the river and giggled our way through our dinner conversations.  I think I’ve laughed more during this journey than I did in the whole last 3 years combined.  They say the world is too big to be left unexplored; our town is as good a place as any to get started!

Today was  a sidekick kind of day!



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