A Skipping Rocks Kind of Day!

Someday I won’t be able to skip rocks, today is NOT that day!

There is just something peaceful and enjoyable about skipping rocks; searching for and then finding that perfect rock, mastering a perfect technique and then the excitement of watching the rock skip almost endlessly across the water.  My girls may not have inherited my mad skills at skipping rocks, but they sure do know how to have fun!  They brought music, fun dance moves and a lot of laughs.  One of my favorite things about my kids is their heart for enjoying life and having fun; they weren’t too keen on the idea of going to skip rocks, but by the time we left they were both thanking me for a fun time.  I’ve heard it said that it’s the little moments that make life big.  Looking back over the last few years I had let my burdens make my life big in a stressful overwhelming way.  Thankfully this journey has brought me back to enjoying and creating little moments of joy.  I can’t imagine how I ever let stress take precedence over spending time with my girls laughing on a daily basis.

Today Rocked!



One thought on “A Skipping Rocks Kind of Day!

  1. Thea Hosford Adorable!
    Lynn Farrens Reynolds I love these posts!!!
    Evelyn Coughtry Love it
    Danni Morse Hall I wish you could realize how much you still hold onto our childhood activities. It’s ironic that I remember and you still live it. So many of these posts have been filled with things you loved to do as a kid. (Except the bag chasing that was new).


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