Someday I won’t be able to make my 101st blog post, today is NOT that day!

100 posts into my blog seems like a perfect time to stop and reflect. Following my son’s suggestion I decided to use blogging as a way of recording this life changing journey that began on January first of this year for me.  My intention was to do so privately, however a few days into it my blogs started showing up on my fb page(I was new to blogging and evidentially messed something up with the settings).  At first I was mortified and deleted them, however just as God prompted me to start this journey I felt He was prompting me to leave them be, so I did.  As it turns out some of the biggest blessings that I’ve received from this journey have come from sharing it with friends.  I’ve learned that believing and having faith are two separate issues and have been surprised by how freeing and rewarding living by faith can be.  There have been a countless number, but here is a mixed variety of a few of the other lessons that this journey has taught me:

  • Perception is a powerful thing and something that I have complete control over.
  • Bad days and struggles don’t eliminate, but simultaneously exist with good times and blessings.  It sounds silly but before this journey I didn’t realize that was possible.
  • I’ve learned that like love, gratitude is most powerful for me when I think of it as a verb and actively live it daily; this has transformed my life.
  • Joy is great in huge doses, but even an itty bitty drop of joy is enough to fill me up and make every day a treasure.  I’ve learned to be mindful of noticing and taking advantage of all the drops that constantly surround me.
  • There’s a difference between mountains and mole hills and I’ve learned to react accordingly.
  • Allowing myself to have fun doesn’t take away from my kids, but rather makes me a better mom and enhances their lives right along with mine.
  • I’ve learned that I don’t need to own a house to have a home.  It’s no longer a cliché for me, I now truly understand that my home isn’t where I live but who I live with.  My home is where my heart is and my family is my whole heart.
  • After 100 selfies it’s obvious that this older version of me is here to stay, so I’m learning to be comfortable with my reflection in the mirror.

My lessons learned and blessings gained have exceeded all my expectations.  I am so grateful for the love, support and encouragement that I’ve received from dear friends; your gracious words mean more to me than you could possibly imagine.

I decided a few weeks ago that 100 was my goal for daily blogging.  I will continue this journey through the end of the year, however I don’t know if I will continue to blog daily or just occasionally now.  I do know that I’m excited to see where this journey takes me next though!

Today was an accomplishment!




One thought on “100!

  1. Carmen Cooper Barnes Love reading your blogs!!!!
    Kiersten Palmersheim Ditto!
    Connie Sprinkel Kolosvary I love all of this. Thank you for including us in your journey 💜
    Mary Eckardt-Mcchesney Wonderful words to live by…I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to more~you are a beautiful gift😘
    Shannon Lee Congratulations ..and thank you for sharing a piece of your journey with us…
    Angie Carlson Your blogs have been a daily blessing❤️
    Maddi Lee You’re awesome Kristie!
    Danni Morse Hall I’m proud of you and I love you
    Nadine Ellis Miller Thank you for sharing with all of us.
    Kristie Benson Thank you all. Your gracious and kind words of support honestly mean the world to me!
    Chris Frink Love your daily blogs. I hope you continue doing them.
    Maria Fogg Congratulations! And this was my favorite blog post of all. I hope they continue. I have learned a lot and have been reminded of many important things throughout your journey. I’ve become a better person and you’ve done the hard work. 😍
    Maria Fogg You should consider writing Kristie.
    Kellie-Tony Fox Your blogs have been very inspiring for me as well…..Please keep going as often as you can. Your sense of fun is wonderful and contagious……I am loving it!
    Tamsen Galloway Good for you, Kristie Benson!!!
    Joyce Armstrong I agree with all of the above!!!!!!
    Jentri McMahan Linn I’m so enjoying reading your blog. Keep doing you


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