Sir Paul McCartney!

Someday I won’t be able to see Sir Paul McCartney in concert with my boy, today is NOT that day!

WOW!  We still can’t believe that we got to sing Hey Jude with Sir Paul McCartney!  A few years ago I passed up going to the Bon Jovi concert because I felt that the tickets were too expensive; a decision that I still regret.  I have vowed to not make that same mistake again and the times that my son Brady and I have shared at concerts since then have been worth every single penny a million fold.  Tonight the king of everlasting swag graced us with an amazing experience that will remain with us forever.  Even from our nosebleed seats we were in awe to be in the presence of this musical legend.  It’s a long story, but for years Brady and I have had this thing that we do where we touch our fingers together; it means I love you, you got this, be badass, we rock… stuff like that.  Both our jaws were dropped to the ground when we saw Paul doing this exact same finger touch with his drummer!  Blew our minds and added to the magic of the night.  I’m quite frugal out of necessity, but am so grateful that I’ve learned that splurging on experiences and creating memories with my kids is something that I will never regret.  Paul said to: “come together, right now, over me…”.  So happy we did!

Today was straight swag!



3 thoughts on “Sir Paul McCartney!

  1. Jude C Stenson I could dig it
    Mary Eckardt-Mcchesney Priceless Kristie😊
    Chris Connell love your story……way to rock out with your son. life is short so way to experience the opportunity. Chris


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