Someday I won’t be able to showoff walking on the boulders, today is NOT that day!

There are some landscape boulders in front of the Kaiser building that my kids and I always opt to walk on instead of using the sidewalk .  A lady that I’m guessing was about 25 years my senior smiled as she saw me jump off and called me a showoff; I had the feeling that she would join me if she was able.  25 years is really just a blink of an eye and this moment really reinforced my desire to take advantage of everything that I enjoy and am able to do now no matter how big or small it may be.  Louise Hay was quoted as saying, “Know that you are the perfect age.  Each year is special and precious, for you shall only live it once.  Be comfortable with growing older.”  Accepting each new year as my perfect age is totally my choice.  I want to make the most of everything that I can during each stage of my life so that I’m free to enjoy each new stage without any regrets from the previous one looming over me.  As time goes on I’ll have to trade out old tricks for new ones, but hope to keep doing things that bring me joy and that I can “showoff”.

Today was joyous!




One thought on “Showoff!

  1. Kiersten Palmersheim I love an “over the hill” show off! I will climb boulders with you….I will be the “over the hill pregnant” show off! We will rock it! Hahahaha!
    Mary Ellen Helmes LOVE this!!


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