Sharing is Caring!

Someday I won’t be able to open up with dear friends, today is NOT that day!

I genuinely love and care about most all people and feel honored when even complete strangers open up and share their lives with me.  While I’m an open book with most things, I rarely share my deep personal struggles with others; I don’t like to be a burden and my prevalent thought is that my struggles don’t matter.  Today I had plans to meet up with a friend whom I completely adore but haven’t really talked to in years.  For whatever reason I was feeling a bit anxious about it beforehand so I prayed that God would allow me to bring her joy in some way during our visit.  I don’t know if I mumbled or what, but God must’ve got my request mixed up because I am the one who was blessed from our time together.  I am grateful to my friend for opening her heart to graciously listen to and care about my struggles and for sharing some of her similar stories with me.  Life can feel so isolating sometimes, but this journey is opening my eyes to the fact that even though we’re all unique many of us share similar struggles.  Melody Beattie advises us to, “Live your life from your heart.  Share from your heart.  And your story will touch and heal people’s souls.”  Perhaps it’s time I stop being concerned about being a burden and realize that there’s a possibility that sharing my story will help others know that they are not alone.  Another good lesson to learn before someday arrives and it’s too late.

Today was comforting!








One thought on “Sharing is Caring!

  1. Heather Pace God heard you! I was so blessed by our time together today. I love your reflection….you aren’t a burden. You have so much wisdom and insight to share from your own life. Open up and let it out. I know I was blessed by it today. Love you friend!
    Stacie Jenkins Townsend I know Heather!!! Hi!!! You ladies look marvelous!!! Debbie Carter Carlson Very cool……So happy you had great visit. You are, in my opinion, a great mother, and just a wholesome, down to Earth person. I’m honored to be your friend. Always super nice and stress relieving when you can hook up with a friend….Happy it turned out.😊
    Shannon Lee LOVE this….WE should do coffee sometime…


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