Someday I won’t be able to exercise my willpower, today is NOT that day!

Ohhhh baby was today ever a struggle!  Over the last few months I’ve become a total sugar freak.  I’ve been hearing for years how hellacious sugar is on your body and then last week Dr. Oz told me that sugar may be linked to Alzheimer’s.  Only eating grain fed beef to avoid mad cow disease seems pointless if I’m going to gorge myself on sugar which may possibly cause Alzheimer’s.  If I’m being honest with myself completely cutting sugar out of my diet is an unrealistic goal for me at this point in my life, I do however feel that it’s important to cut way back.  This means it’s so long to cookie dough every other day and chocolate every day all day.  I was driving myself crazy fighting my urges and feeling miserable, but then I realized that being able to exercise willpower is a blessing and my rewards will be many.  George Lorimer said, “You’ve got to wake up with determination to go to bed with satisfaction”.  So true George.  Exercising willpower allows me to go to bed feeling pleased with my choices instead of having that yucky feeling I get when I’m trying to ignore the fact that I made bad choices.

Today was healthy!



One thought on “Willpower!

  1. Kris Bauman-Beagle You can do this! Just know this…if you can have strength for 16 days this will be the best turning point in your daily diet ever! It will result in you feeling better, being able to have it occasionally not daily and over all strength in your character. I know, I did it! smile emoticon
    Sandi Hawk Christian I’m almost eliminated it as well, I have yogurt with it occasionally but that’s it. I don’t miss it and feels waaaay better!!!
    Mary Eckardt-Mcchesney That’s fantastic Kristi! I just completed whole30 which cut sugar, grains, dairy, legumes and alcohol out for 30 days! I feel amazing and have 0 cravings! Cutting sugar will change your world!
    Colleen Windell Eigsti I’m working on this too girl! Not easy!!!!
    Rodney Krause There is a reason diabetes is an epidemic. And most people don’t even know they are diabetic. Get your physicals and blood work done every year people.
    Kerri Overcast Stockman I’m trying to cut back sugar too!!!
    Kristie Benson Glad to hear I’m not alone! Thank you for the encouragement! heart emoticon
    Kiersten Palmersheim Chocolate? You mean my best friend lately😜. Maybe I will cut back after the baby is born! I will eat your portions in the mean time!
    Pamela Connell Way to go! I like your top!
    Terri Ross Troelsen Gave up my daily morning sugar filled soda in January. It was a couple hard weeks, but I feel so much better! You can cut back too Kristie!


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