Someday I won’t be able to kayak with my boy, today is NOT that day!

Sculling appeals to me because you get to move both your legs and arms, kayaking however has always seemed much to confining for me.  Kayaking is the one thing that pulled a yes response from my boy Riley of things we could do though, so kayaking it was!  I was happily surprised by how much I was enjoying it and then after about 5 minutes into our adventure the novelty wore off for me.  We paddled hard for about another 30 minutes and then thankfully the novelty wore off for Ry as well.  We both agreed that it would be a total party if we were able to jump in the water every 30 yards or so, but we weren’t sure if the water was suitable for swimming where we were.  So we did a u turn, hooked up our boats, kicked up our feet and let the current peacefully push us back while thoroughly enjoying each other’s company.  Once again pushing myself to partake in an activity that in the past I would have passed up provided me with the perfect opportunity to bond with my son and created memories that I will forever cherish.  According to Denis Waitley, “A good life is a collection of happy moments.”  The truth is that I still have moments each day when I struggle, but this journey has absolutely added many happy moments to my collection and I’m infinitely grateful for this good life that I have been blessed with.

Today was peaceful!



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