Gettin our Paintball On!

Someday I won’t be able to go paintballing, today is NOT that day!

I was kinda freaking out about this one; I am pooped from the rest of the activities we’ve done this week, I don’t exactly get a kick out of unnecessary pain and running around for 5 hours in 80+ degree heat wearing several layers aren’t normally my ingredients for a great time.  As Brian Tracy says though, “You can only grow if you’re willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.”  I’m so happy that I pushed myself into it though because it was of course a great time!  The best part is that I got to share this experience with phenomenal people whom I love and adore.  We had  an amazing Grandpa having a blast and schooling us all in the process, three parents letting loose and keeping up with their kids, 3 teen girls being amazing sports and tough beyond their fears and 3 teen boys going all out yet remaining total gentlemen.  We have a few injuries, several funny stories and many memories that will last a lifetime!  I was so tired and happy afterward I couldn’t have cared less that I smelled like a sweaty locker room, was dressed in sweats and a button up shirt borrowed from a teenage boy and had hair full of greasy paint when I took the kids to a sit down dinner.  What tickled me was that my 14 year old daughter was having so much fun that she laughed at me, but wasn’t the least bit embarrassed by my appearance. 😉  Today was a hit(well many hits actually :P)!



One thought on “Gettin our Paintball On!

  1. Connie Sprinkel Kolosvary This is so EXCELLENT!
    Kristie Benson Your dad is so fun and taught us all a thing or two about the finer art of snipering wink emoticon
    Connie Sprinkel Kolosvary You must have had a crazy time since you had my sis, nephew, and my dad for the day!
    Kiersten Palmersheim Graeme got home too late to tell me all the funny stories but I am sure he will fill me in tomorrow. Thanks for taking him!
    Kevin Loucks That looks fun !
    Georgene Sprinkel Jack said he had so much fun being a sniper. He said he was so impressed by such a wonderful family. Benson’s are cool……
    Lori Morton Olsen That looks like so much fun what an awesome memory to make 😊😄😀
    Jodi Bergmeier Hunzeker Thanks for inviting her. She said it was fun, and she even took out the Sniper guy


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