Fired Up!

Someday I won’t be able to have a spontaneous bonfire with these kiddos, today is NOT that day!

I don’t think it’s possible to feel stressed or worried while sitting by a bonfire.  Building a good fire is both deeply satisfying and rewarding and there is just something so peaceful about watching a fire burn and using sticks to play with it.  I worked most of the day so thought a bonfire at the river would be a great way to get quality time in with my girls before the day ended.  We were so happy when our awesome friends said they’d join us for this spontaneous activity.  They say spontaneity is the best kind of adventure and for tonight I would have to agree!  I love adventures, I love fires and I love these people who blessed me with an evening of good conversations, lots of laughs and memory making moments!  Today was on fire!



One thought on “Fired Up!

  1. Thea Hosford Yes lots of laughs! Thank you Kristi!
    Judy Stephens Souther fun times hang on to them
    Danni Morse Hall It’s not he one thing I don’t like about our Summer’s here. A campfire without darkness just isn’t the spiritual experience I need.


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