April Fools!

Someday I won’t get to do April fools pranks, today is NOT that day!

I sure do get a kick out of April fools day!  One of my favorites is when I made up a professional looking parking ticket and put it on my son’s car window.  He was in high school at the time and there was no way he could afford that ticket so he was freaking out.  The phone number on the ticket belonged to a friend of mine who happens to have a very stern and deep sounding voice, he really had my son going for a while.  This year I teamed up with my friend Thea; she’s always game to mess with the kids so we thought we’d be the perfect partners to pull off an epic prank.  Our first prank was going to take place at our kids’ middle school, unfortunately even though the school administration agreed that it would be funny they had to put the kibosh on our plans.  Plan B was epic in theory, just not so much in reality.  The darn kids were wise to us from the start and the fact that I have no poker face and zero composure didn’t help the matter either.  Even though it was a bust I wouldn’t call it a fail; Thea and I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants!  In fact we’ve been laughing out loud for the past two days just thinking about it.  I also tried to prank my friend Kiersten via a text message, but I’m such a freak about lying that I can’t even do it when it’s a joke.  Right after I hit send my hands started shaking, my heart was racing and I thought I was going to pass out; it was so bad that I had to call her right away to tell her I was joking.  The years are fast and the days are long, I’d be the real fool if I didn’t take advantage of opportunities like this to add fun to each day~ because someday I won’t be able to! “Be crazy.  Be Stupid.  Be Silly.  Be weird.  Be whatever.  Because life is too short to be anything but happy.” Author Unknown   Today was a joke!



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