Running Barefoot!

Someday I won’t be able to run barefoot, today is NOT that day!

When acted upon, this quote feels every bit as wonderful and magical as it sounds, “Go now. Run Wild, Barefoot and Free!”  Author Unknown.  I was in desperate need of physical exercise today, but my available time to do so was limited so the only thing that could fit the bill was to run barefoot.  I seem to get double the benefit boost in half the amount time when I run barefoot.  Being stuck in an office on gorgeous days like today is rough, I am so grateful for the few freeing, energizing moments that I took advantage of to run shoeless in the sun.  Now looking back I can’t believe that before this journey I wouldn’t have allowed myself that time, I would’ve felt the need to work straight through the days without any breaks until the particular project at hand was complete.  So glad I finally got the memo that there will never be a shortage of work to complete in my life, there will however someday be a shortage of moments to take advantage of and days to live.  I get to choose to either let my days slip by without adding purpose and value to them or to live each day like it matters.  I have to take care of my responsibilities, but there is nothing so important that I can’t take at least one moment to appreciate and enjoy each day for the gift that it is.  Today was freeing!

Much of my run was on grass, grass is the best barefoot 😉



One thought on “Running Barefoot!

  1. Sarah Elliott The way you’re “Living for Today” is truly inspirational! Each post is like finding a beautiful new blossom in the garden of life!<3 I love you DEARLY my friend!!!!<3
    Martha Bieker Awesome photo! Photo credit to whom? smile emoticon That cannot be a selfie.
    Maria Fogg Awesome! You are barefoot 90% of the time I ever see you so you might as well run that way.


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