I Love Them All! <3

Someday I won’t be able to know and love all of my kid’s friends, today is NOT that day!

My son hit the roommate jackpot last year when his coach paired him with Jacob.  They moved in as strangers and moved out as brothers.  My kids have the most amazing friends whom I love and claim as honorary family members.  I only actually got to hang out with Jacob a few times, but he and Brady love each other and therefore I love Jacob too.  The initial reason I invested time in getting to know my kid’s friends was to monitor who they were choosing to hang out with; they say you are the people you hang out with.  The reason that I continue to invest time in them is because they are amazing people whom I have grown to love.  I am aware that there’s a good chance my kids’ friends think I’m a nut job, but as long as they know that I think they’re special and that I love them then I’m okay with that.  Brady is in town and Jacob happened to have a nearby game so we got to go watch him play.  His team is currently rated 2nd in the nation, but unfortunately didn’t play so hot today.  Subsequently, his coach had those boys packed up and loaded onto their bus in less than 10 minutes after the game so we only got to see Jacob long enough to give him a hug.  Baseball players and coaches can be so intense sometimes!  (Brady’s coach calls me the “flower child”, guess intense isn’t in my genes. :P)  Now that I have one adult child and my other 3 are getting older I am realizing that they are going to have good friends in their lives that I may never even meet.    It’s strange for me to think about my kids having people in their lives who love them that I don’t even know.  Instead of busying my mind with that thought, I’m just gonna spend today loving on all the beautiful kids that I am so very blessed to have in my life right now!  This evening I had the honor of watching my younger son’s Riley’s friends perform in the Mr/Miss CR Pagaent; I am so proud of those kids!  Today was happy!

I had to do a reverse photo bomb and get a pic of the boys without them knowing 😉  Selfies aren’t allowed in the intense only zones at the fields haha 😛



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