One on One with My Boy!

Someday I won’t get to take a walk with my boy to solve our “personal” world problems, today is NOT that day!

Both Brady and I require regular communication to stay balanced, but despise talking on the phone; needless to say things sometimes get a bit rocky between us when he’s away at college.  Brady, his sister Annie and I are all “feel life to the max extreme” people.  I ask him if he has any idea how much he stresses me out sometimes and he says probably as much as I stress him out. Touche’!  Shortly after he arrived home today I told him we needed to go for a walk, he knew what was coming and begged his siblings to save him. 😜 Normally when there is an issue I start things out with an intense lecture.  To his surprise this journey has really helped me to put things in a healthy and manageable perspective so we were able to bypass my rant and go straight into enjoying each other and coming up with solutions to (hopefully) solve our personal world problems.  For the stress we cause each other we bring each other that much more joy tenfold.  Someday I won’t be able to spend as much one on one time with my boy, so every second whether it be to discuss what a pain in the butt he is or just to hang out and have fun is precious time that I wouldn’t trade for the world.  I say a big Amen to Poppy Sparkles quote, “Spending quality time with your children is always the right decision”.  Today was the right decision!





One thought on “One on One with My Boy!

  1. Kerri Overcast Stockman He’s a great boy!!! Just on my way to meet the boys in Hilton head South Carolina for Easter!!!
    Kiersten Palmersheim Your bond is a strong one and should be admired. Even when they leave the nest, parenting continues and can be hard. Ask my mom;)
    Kris Bauman-Beagle I just love reading all your posts. Thank you for sharing. What a cool idea and it makes me think a little more about what I need to do too
    Brenda Baird Bassett ❤
    Rachelle Hansen Burt I saw you two walking down the hill towards the trail. Love the relationship you have with your kids!


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