No Room left for the Trivial Things!

Someday I won’t be able to leave the store only having to go back in 3 times to complete my mission, today is NOT that day!

My plan was to quickly run to the store to buy groceries to make chicken noodle soup for my 3 sick kids; as it turned out there was nothing quick about this trip.  I believe that I too may be getting sick because I am that heavy kind of tired, so I had even less of an attention span than normal which significantly slowed my shopping speed.  Then on my first trip out to the car I realized that I had forgotten the onion and on my second trip out to the car I realized that I forgot to use an $8 off coupon.  I was just about to totally flip my lid, but then I starting thinking about how my memory took a hit after I had my fourth child, but it has been on a steady decline since I turned 45(which doesn’t seem right given that I totally rock the Lumosity drills on a fairly regular basis 😜) and science says that the decline will continue.  So instead freaking out I decided to be grateful and enjoy where I am right now.  “I forget a lot of things because you take up most of the space in my mind” author unknown.  I love this!  This would explain why I started losing my memory when I had my kids.❤  Now every time I forget something I’ll just tell myself that it’s simply because too many people and things that I love are using up all the storage space.  Today was forgettable! 😉




One thought on “No Room left for the Trivial Things!

  1. Katie Glasgow Ayers I was the same way Sunday….
    Kiersten Palmersheim Oh no! I am in trouble with 5 kids!!!!
    Melanie Leach Mickel Micah and I just had a conversation about our horrible memory today.😮
    Lisa Yi Franz You’re not alone. I have no children and I forget stuff all the time. smile emoticon
    Debbie Carter Carlson Feel better soon!
    Marie Cheatham Sticky notes……. Wonderful invention. Hope everyone feels better soon.


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