Bedtime Stories!

Someday I won’t be able to read bedtimes stories with Josie, today is NOT that day!

On Christmas Eve everyone in our family reads their favorite Christmas book out loud, but other than that my oldest three have long since outgrown bedtime stories.  Occasionally Annie will join us, but to make it all the way through one book is really pushing it for her attention span 😛  Josie however still loves to cuddle up and read with me.  We have read chapter books, but we prefer children’s and home idea books; sometimes sing the words in the kids books and we love dreaming our way through the cottage style home idea books.  I honestly can’t imagine ever outgrowing having an appreciation for the beautiful illustrations or the happy and imaginative stories that some of the kids books offer.  Now that she’s in middle school, I am aware that she might someday outgrow this treasured activity.  As for today though I am breaking out the books every chance I get and soaking in these glorious moments with my girl.  “It’s very important to always read a bedtime story… else how would your dreams know where to begin.”  Author Unknown  Today was a dream!



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