Special People!

Someday I won’t be able to work with employees whom I love, today is NOT that day!

I woke up with a bad attitude, the field was soft thick mud, my back and legs hurt and I was missing my son’s soccer game; I was the queen of the party- my own pity party.  Fortunately I work with amazing people who can turn even the roughest of days into a happy party.  The days tend to run long when shooting 700 kids, but the moments are precious.  There are definitely some obstinate stinkers, but for the most part the kids with all their vastly different personalities and takes on the world leave us often times in stitches and almost always smiling.  I’m blessed to work with people who help me forget about the stress so that I can remain mindful enough to appreciate these moments.  Albert Pike once said, “what we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others remains and is immortal.”  I am grateful for all of my hard working big hearted employees; their patience and kindness makes a difference to me and to all of these young athletes.  Today was precious hard work!

little league.JPG



One thought on “Special People!

  1. Karen Gentry Martsolf We get to work with someone pretty special too! heart emoticon

    Trisha Johnson Love you!!! Fun day for sure

    Kyria McGill Always fun to work with you and you do such a great job!! Love it!! (Love your blog too! What a great idea!!)

    Magnus Kofoed Thanks Kristie!! You’re the best

    Jodi Bergmeier Hunzeker Let me know if you need help!!always happy to help for such a great Boss

    Stephanie Richards So glad you did the shoot- I love your pics and can’t wait to see them!!

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