Wall Ball!

Someday I won’t be able to play wall ball with my kids, today is NOT that day!

To be honest, wall ball has never been my favorite activity; waterfalls, rainbows and triple touch serves… I don’t like rules to begin with, but I couldn’t keep up with all of these crazy rules even if I wanted to.  I do however love any excuse to be outside and the fact that my middle school daughter invited me to play.  I recently read a quote by Ghandi, “Action expresses priorities”.  I love how this journey is increasing and enhancing my time with my kids; my actions are expressing the feelings of my heart, that my kids are my top priority.  Now I just need to bump a few of my weaknesses up on my list of priorities and act upon those as well 😉  Today was a ball!



One thought on “Wall Ball!

  1. Danni Morse Hall Fibber! You made me play wall ball with a tennis racket long before we knew it was a thing, let alone had rules.Kristie Benson Of course i don’t remember that but im sure i did love it before it had rules! Haha its all fun and games until a million rules are added Danni Morse Hall All you had us do was try to hit it A Certain number of times in a row.

    Jennifer Draper Hadfield I love that … Action expresses priorities. My mom always said, Actions speak louder than words. 💕


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