Making time for Martha!

Someday I won’t be able to test out new equipment with Martha, today is NOT that day!

Martha and I hit it off the instant we met at a photography convention years ago and have been getting together to play with new equipment, experiment with new techniques or just to enjoy each others company ever since.  Unfortunately the weather only allowed us to set up her new light, fire it a few times, take a bad selfie and call it quits today.  We did however have a wonderful visit before the shoot.  I had a few things come up last minute and almost cancelled our date today; in the past that is exactly what I would have done.  Today though I decided that these new “to dos” were just gonna have to wait their turn.  I used to view spending time with my friends as a selfish and frivolous activity that needed to wait until my kids were grown.  I now realize that while my kids are now and will forever remain my top priority, there are other amazing people in my life who fill me up and keep me going and deserve to be a priority.  I love Martha and how we always leave each other feeling inspired.  Marvin Ashton instructs us to “leave people better than you found them”.  Today I am grateful for my friend Martha who always makes a point of leaving me better than she found me.  Today was picture perfect!





One thought on “Making time for Martha!

  1. Edith Benolken Foteff · Martha is a treasure!

    Lori Kemmerly Voirin · Friends with Martha Bieker
    What a sweet story of friendship!

    Martha Bieker Kristie Benson I am so touched to have made your grateful list. I am so grateful for your friendship & what you share with & bring out in me. I feel sunshine whenever you’re around, even in the pouring rain! I love you!


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