Helping Out!

Someday I won’t be able to help others with these amazing kids, today is NOT that day!

We are blessed to be raising our kids in this financially privileged community that has a strong educational system and is rich with loving parents and amazing kids.  We flip a switch and lights turn on and heaters keep us warm, we have clothes appropriate for every season and our pantry is overflowing with food.  I think it’s important for our kids to see first hand that some people are not afforded these same luxuries.  Sometimes people make poor choices, sometimes bad things happen to good people, sometimes life just comes in like a hurricane and knocks the wind right out of people; the fact is that sooner or later everyone needs a helping hand of some sort.  I got to spend my day with a group of nine teenagers that were happy to spend their Saturday preparing food and serving it to people in Vancouver who are currently without the means to provide for themselves.  There was an element of discomfort when we first arrived, but these kids pushed through it and greeted everyone with warm smiles and served with diligent hands and gracious hearts.  I believe everyone was mutually blessed by each others presence today.  I am grateful to Free Hot Soup for letting us join them in their service today.  Today was fulfilling!




One thought on “Helping Out!

  1. Thea Hosford Thank you for including us Kristi!

    Karen Lang That is wonderful. What you wrote was perfectly said. God Bless you all.

    Darci Hyatt Boyle Very awesome all of you!!!!

    Kellie-Tony Fox So cool, and I am sure it was so appreciated. Way to go kids!

    Kevin Chong Thank you for sharing!

    Cory Killeen So awesome. Thank you for organizing. I truly believe when we are pushed out of comfort zone that is where you see growth thank you!

    Maria Tapias · Friends with Thea Hosford and 8 others
    Raising kids to be aware of the less fortunate is important. Humility and empathy is a must for all humans. Awesome parenting right there.

    Jodi Bergmeier Hunzeker Great job!!!

    Kim Seibert Johnson Seriously will you please be my life coach??!!!

    Mary Eckardt-Mcchesney That’s the best!

    Judy Stephens Souther These kids will be great adults..they are already great kids.

    Joni Wendelken Morin Marissa had a awesome time. She is already talking about doing it again. Thank you so much for doing this and including the kids.

    Georgene Sprinkel Great work group.

    Ashlee Wade Kennedy I love this!!! How wonderful:-)

    Cheryl Kleier Thanks for including Jackson in your good service to those in need. These experiences are invaluable and bring forth the message that we are all part of the same community and we are all responsible for taking care of those in need.


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