Free Night!

Someday I won’t be able to take advantage of an unexpected free night with my girls, today is NOT that day!

Both my girls’ soccer practices were unexpectedly cancelled for tonight.  We don’t normally go out on a school night, but this was definitely a cause for celebration!  I told them if they completed their chores in an hour we would go to Burgerville and Zootopia.  To my delight and for what may have been the first time this year they actually did it; added bonus baby!  I used to view a night off as a perfect opportunity to get more things checked off my to do list.  The thing about that is that no matter how much time I devote to it, my to do list doesn’t ever get any shorter.  My time with my kids here at home does get shorter each day though.  The movie was fantastic and we had a wonderful time together.  Today was a good choice!




One thought on “Free Night!

  1. Jerry Kristie, I don’t post publicly- but I love your blog! I find it very inspirational. Thank you for being you and taking the time to share.

    Kerri Overcast Stockman That’s awesome!!!

    Diane Granville Morse I took the little girls to see that movie while in Alaska and it was so cute.

    Barbara Melroy Enjoy your kids Kristie, they’re grown up and gone before you know it. Boo hoo….the girls will always be close but the boys, they tend to be closer to their wives family. Just the plain & simple facts. Like I said, Enjoy your kids NOW!!


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