Someday I won’t be able to reflect on my past to make positive changes for my future, today is NOT that day!

Today I printed out all of the pages of my blog along with the comments that friends have made along the way.  Those words of support and encouragement from friends have been an unexpected blessing and have become part of the heart of this journey for me.  I felt a sense of accomplishment and joy as I read through the pages of my living journal and reflected on my life thus far for 2016.  I’ve also discovered many items/areas that I still need to work on and look forward to continuing on this journey for the remainder of 2016.  Although I’ve still struggled with feelings of depression this winter, I’ve been able to keep those feelings at bay by being mindful of the blessings in my life and creating moments of joy each and every day.  That sounds so silly, but sadly I’ve had far too many days pass by without being able to feel joy or even gratitude.  Another of my favorite quotes, “stars can’t shine without darkness”.  I thank God for giving me the courage and strength to stand in the darkness for it is the darkness that has blessed me with the eyes to see the stars shining ever so brightly.  Today was a blessing!




One thought on “Reflection!

  1. Debby Stevison Lail heart emoticon I. ADMIRE. YOU. heart emoticon

    Maria Fogg Kristie, you don’t realize how bright you shine even in darkness, you project light to everyone around you!

    Thea Hosford You have no idea how refreshing and inspiring you are!

    Connie Sprinkel Kolosvary don’t stop ever smile emoticon

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