Someday I won’t be able to enjoy a Monopoly marathon with my family, today is NOT that day!

Monopoly isn’t a game you can play everyday, but it sure is great to break out for a marathon event every once in a while.  Three of us began playing at 5:00pm, an hour later an interested sibling offered to be our banker and soon all five of us were gathered around the board until finally at 9:30 we had to leave the game to be continued until tomorrow.  This is yet another activity that I had considered myself too busy to partake in during the last couple of years. I missed out.  It’s a wonderful and warm feeling to be so immersed in a game with your family that you lose all track of time.  I love observing their unique personalities and interactions with each other while we play.  He’s not big on board games, but we still miss our college boy during these times!  Today was an all around win!



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