Simple Pleasures!

Someday I won’t be able to play Frisbee with Riley, today is NOT that day!

My boy Ry and Frisbee = a wonderful afternoon.  Unlike my other 3 kids, Riley is not big on pictures or on talking; so I do my best to “sneak” both in as often as possible with him 😉  I figured out many years ago that the best way to have conversations with Riley is to subtly slide them in while we are doing an activity.  Frisbee has always been an activity that he and I enjoy doing together.  I am grateful for the delightful conversation that I shared with one of my absolute favorite people while playing a fun game of Frisbee on this nice day.  And I’m grateful for my phone camera that allows me to quickly sneak in pics of this boy 🙂  Today was a simple pleasure!




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