Life Lessons!

Someday my kids won’t have to listen to me, today is NOT that day!

In a couple months, I will have 2 adult children; and before I know it all 4 will be adults and will no longer have to listen to me.  My hope of course is that I will always have wisdom to impart upon them and that they will always want to hear what I have to say.  I believe that once we stop growing, evolving and learning; so too do we stop living.  There are many life lessons that are applicable to all of my kids.  However they are as different as they are alike, so they face their own unique struggles and require many different life lessons than each other.  By the time that I work to understand what their struggles are and dig deep and research to find the best advice to share with them, I end up learning and growing right along with them.  One of my kids has been struggling in a particular area for quite some time now and we finally had our first breakthrough moment yesterday.  Phew!  Now the lessons, growth and learning can begin. 🙂  The truth is that my kids have taught me so much more than I will ever be able to teach them about life and love. Words can never describe how grateful I am and how much I love my kids.  Today was full of opportunity!  Here are a few of the lessons that we are working on right now 😉



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